Hearts and Stars in the Garden

I have been teaching a monthly class at Tudor Rose Patchwork in Bedford for the last five months and the students have been working on my Hearts and Stars in the Garden quilt. Each month we have added another part to the quilt so that they have slowly been growing. Last week we added the final borders and have been getting the quilts ready for quilting. The students will be quilting their quilts in many different ways – some by hand and others by machine. Here are a selection of the quilts ready for quilting:

Helen’s quilt
Anna’s quilt
Jenny’s quilt
Terry’s quilt
Deirdre’s quilt
Vanessa’s quilt

There are more quilts to come where the final blocks are being added so hopefully I can post these soon. A big well done to everyone who started and ended their journey with me. The resulting quilts are fabulous. I love seeing how the same pattern has been interpreted in a variety of ways.

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