Temperature Quilt

There are lots of really great temperature quilts around and I have been fascinated looking at all the different ways that people have been interpreting the theme.

If you haven’t come across a temperature quilt before do have a search on social media and I think that you will be surprised as to what you find. Basically a temperature quilt records the high and low temperature in your area for every day of the year. You assign a fabric to represent a band of degrees and match a fabric to that band. Here you can see my fabrics . The grey fabrics represent the low temperatures and are graded from pale to dark grey and the coloured fabrics the high temperatures each day. I have graded the high temperature fabrics from shades of blue which are the colder degrees to oranges and reds which are the higher temperatures.

I then settled on a simple pattern of rectangles and squares in a repeating pattern looking a little bit like a wave, I also found a website that records the temperatures each month for all parts of the UK so to make it easier I printed this off at the end of the month and have made the units at the end of each month which I think will work better for me.

These are my January blocks which will be joined in a row. Interesting to see a couple of pops of yellow there in the blocks indicating some warmer days. I have now completed both January and February and am in the swing of it now so hopefully will be able to keep up as the year progresses. Time will tell, however I am enjoying the process very much.

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