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Saturday 29th June
I have been teaching at Just Between Friends - a quilt shop in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. We have also been working on the Tesselating Blossoms quilt. Some lovely quilts were starting to emerge by the end of the day. (I am not sure whether the photo below actually shows any work in progress or lots of coffee and cake!)

Saturday 1st June

I have finally finished my March landscape quilt (only three months behind now). The instructions for making this little quilt are as follows:

  1. Trace the design onto freezer paper making sure that each section is numbered and that hash marks are drawn in.

  1. Select the fabrics for the landscape. Label each fabric with the number of the corresponding section on the paper.

  1. Cut the freezer paper pattern apart by cutting on the lines.

  1. Iron the freezer paper pattern templates to the right side of the corresponding fabric. Cut out leaving ½” extra around all edges.

  1. Start with pieces numbered one and two and butt the edges of the templates together so that the hash marks match. Where the pieces of fabric meet you will need to lift up one of the sections of the paper and position the seam allowance of the fabric underneath. If you have a dark fabric meeting a very light fabric put the dark fabric on top.

  2. When the fabrics are butted together, make sure that there is a very small gap between the paper patterns (just enough for a needle) and iron the freezer paper pattern back in place. Stitch along this gap with a straight stitch.

  1. Lift up one edge of the freezer paper pattern of the fabric that is on the bottom so that the excess fabric is exposed. Trim the excess top fabric away as close to the stitching line as possible. Iron the freezer paper pattern down again.

  1. Continue in this manner until all pieces are stitched together. Leave the templates in place and trim the outer edges to ¼”. Remove the papers.

  1. Cut the backing and wadding ½” larger than the pieced landscape. Layer the three layers together and pin in place.


  1. Choose yarn, wool, cord and ribbon that will compliment your landscape.

  1. Set the machine up with a zigzag stitch, some metallic thread and either an open toe or couching foot.

  1. Begin with a seam line somewhere in the middle of the landscape where the couched yarn does not need to overlap any other line.

  1. Put the yarn over the seam line and zigzag over the raw edges. Start and finish the seam by reversing.

  1. Continue in this way to cover all raw edges.Quilt, bead and embellish each section. Bind and add a label.

Tuesday 28th May
I spent today teaching a workshop at Sunshine Quilters in Harlow. We have been working on the technique of Tessellating Blooms. This is quite a tricky technique and requires much concentration and patience. Everyone has started a quilt and here is some work in progress:

I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilts!

Monday 27th May
The Quilters' Guild are asking for Bookwrap Gems (removable covers for books) for their tombola at The Festival of Quilts in August. If you would like to make one, ideas and instructions can be found at I have made these three below:

Sunday 12th May
Have had a busy few weeks teaching classes at Libertys Department Store in London, at Just Between Friends in Essex and I have been back to Ferrers Quilters. I have now finished quilting my Simple Pleasures quilt and have almost finished my little March landscape quilt also.

Sunday 14th April
I thought that you might like to see how hard working the ladies at Ferrers Quilters are! I taught Day Two of my Cinnamon Rose class yesterday and as you can see from the photos there are lots of quilts either well on the way to completion or finished! I am always amazed when I teach a class where everyone is working on the same project at how many variations in colour and interpretation there are. Well done to all the ladies at Ferrers Quilters. I am looking forward to seeing all your quilts quilted!


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