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Sunday 23rd March
Today I have been to see a Patchwork and Quilting exhibition in Welwyn. It featured lots of projects made by Mimram Quilters and celebrates their 25th Anniversary. The quilts on display were so varied from journal size to King size! A lovely display - keep up the good work!

Wednesday 19th March
While I was at Patchwork Corner last weekend I had to buy these lovely fabrics. They are quite geometric and I love the plain red and beige that goes with them. I am thinking about making a quilt with lots of triangles?

Saturday 15th March
I have been back to Patchwork Corner today for day two of my Hearts and Stars in the Garden workshop. The students had lots of homework from day one and have been very industrious. Today we worked on a further appliqued border and also some pieced blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilts.

Wednesday 12th March
The April edition of Popular Patchwork magazine arrived today and features two of my patterns. These are patterns for quilts made from recycled shirts. One is a courthouse steps design and the other features stars. It was so good to recycle!

Sunday 9th March
Visited the Spring Quilt Fair at Duxford today. It was lovely to see so many quilts on display made from both my Taste of the Orient pattern and also from my Calendar quilt workshop.

Saturday 8th March
Today I have been at 'Just between Friends' patchwork shop at Buckhurst Hill teaching my Bumpy Circles class. Everyone worked so hard all day and lots of blocks were made towards this quilt. Here are some photos of work in progress:

Friday 21st February
I have been beavering away at the quilting on my Bumpy Circles Quilt. It is now finished and will become a workshop in my teaching programme. I am really pleased with it and have enjoyed both the machine and hand quilting. Onto the next project......

Saturday 9th February
It hasn't stopped raining now for weeks so I thought that we could cheer ourselves up with a spring project. Well spring must come along sooner or later! So here are the instructions for a spring time cushion:

Springtime Cushion

Combine strips of fabric with a little appliqué to stitch a spring time cushion. This cushion finishes at 16” square. Materials needed are 1/2 m cream fabric and scraps of 2 pink fabrics and 2 green fabrics and an 18" square of wadding.
From the cream fabric cut the following:

From the pink 1 fabric cut the following:

From the pink 2 fabric cut the following:

From the green 1 fabric cut the following:

From the green 2 fabric cut the following:

From the wadding cut the following:


General Points

  1. All shapes are appliquéd by machine or by hand to the background.
  2. Trace shapes on to the bondaweb. Cut out roughly.
  3. Bond these shapes using the iron to the reverse of the fabric.
  4. Cut out the fabric shape.
  5. Peel the paper from the back and position the shape on the background fabric. Bond to the background using the iron.
  6. Applique shapes to the background using either a tight zigzag stitch on your sewing machine and matching thread or a hand blanket stitch.

To appliqué the squares:

Choose a design for the cream squares and following the above instructions complete the appliqué in your chosen fabrics. I have used simple hearts and flowers.

To stitch the strips:

To stitch the squares together:

To quilt the cushion top:

To put the cushion together:

Saturday 2nd February
Have had a busy day teaching Quilt Modern at Just between Friends in Buckhurst Hill in Essex. Ten students, one design, ten varied patchwork quilts in the making! Here are just three:

Everyone was working with jelly rolls today and Brenda had a really good tip for getting rid of all the lint and threads along the pinked edges of the fabric rolls. She ran a lint roller over the cut edges before unrolling the jelly roll. Hey presto no bits of fluff or lint anywhere. Thankyou for the tip Brenda.

Sunday 26th January
I am busy quilting my Bumpy Circles quilt with a mixture of machine quilting and some big hand stitching. It is coming along nicely although not as quickly as I would like!
I have found two really lovely websites which are well worth a visit. The first is which is the website of Rachel Hauser from the US. There are lots of tutorials, lovely fabrics and patterns. The second is and is the website of Jeni Baker. She has a great blog and also lots of tutorials, patterns and projects on the go. Both use fabrics in a really fresh and breezy way.

Saturday 18th January
I am busy working on my next project. I am calling it Bumpy Circles although really it is interconnecting octogons. I have pieced the top and am up to the quilting stage. Here is a sneak preview:

Saturday 11th January
Have been busy working on a couple of projects for a magazine. They are smaller projects which I have enjoyed stitching as a change from the larger quilts. When they come to print I will be able to share them with you.

Thursday 2nd January
Happy New Year. I hope that the year ahead will be full of good health and lots of stitching.

Had a fabulous trip to Iceland. The scenery was spectacular, the temperature cold and the Northern lights were just about there! Thought that I would share some photos with you. A frozen waterfall which was truly stunning. The Harpa opera house - just look at those windows: there must be a quilt in there somewhere! As I was walking down town I spotted this shop window displaying lots of fabric, cotton and yarn. What a great way to show off all those products.


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